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ECO4 offers you the chance to obtain eco-friendly products for your home without any cost, enabling you to save money year after year. You can enjoy a free solar panel, a new gas boiler installation, an air source heat pump, and internal wall insulation, including installation services, all free of charge.

Incorporating these products in your home will enable you to decrease your carbon footprint, resulting in an energy-efficient home and consistently low energy bills.

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How Do I Qualify For This?

To qualify for the following products:

Solar panel, Gas boiler installation, Air source heat pump, Wall Insulation.


Internal wall insulation (IWI) is a specific type of insulation that is installed in the interior walls of your home. It utilizes a wool-fiber board to provide warmth during the colder months, raising your energy performance rating band and ultimately saving you up to £210 annually.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are an excellent means of generating your own energy to power your home. By harnessing the Sun's energy, it converts it into electricity that you can utilize to operate your everyday household appliances. Not only does it offer energy independence, but you could also potentially generate enough electricity to power your entire home, resulting in even greater savings on your electric bill. Do not miss out on the opportunity to generate your own energy with solar panels!

If it proves that your heating system is inefficient enough to claim, you may also be able to claim free solar panels as part of the scheme

Air source heat pump

Compared to traditional boilers, air source heat pumps (ASHP) require significantly less maintenance. Moreover, heat pumps are much more cost-effective than direct electric heating systems, oil boilers, and gas boilers, making them a great way to save money. Consider installing an air source heat pump to take advantage of these benefits.

Gas boiler replacements

Are you eligible for a new gas boiler replacement? This grant can fund the installation of new gas boilers, hybrid boilers, and heating upgrades. If your home has an EPC rating of D or below and you are receiving government benefits, you may qualify for this program.

Everyone could do with a helping hand right now

In these difficult times, everyone can use a helping hand. With the ECO4 scheme, you won't have to pay a single penny for the products or installation if you qualify!

Fuel poverty is increasing, and even with the October price cap, low-income households are experiencing rising energy bills. That's where we come in - we're doing our part to assist you.

Numerous households in the UK have already taken advantage of our program, and millions more may be eligible! Don't suffer from the current crisis. This is a free and effective way to save money every month.